Do you have a reader?  I mean a die-hard, take a book with them everywhere they go, voracious, book devouring reader?  Our Bright, is a book girl.

When she was little bitty she would want us to pile books in her crib in the mornings and she would look at them for an hour before wanting to get up for breakfast!  When she was old enough to say just a few words she would come to Pete and I and say “book with me” wanting us to sit and read aloud to her.  Now we find ourselves saying things like, “look up from your book while you are walking” and “one chapter book is enough for a trip to the grocery store.”  This girl loves to read.

Here is her first OSR book review - Where the Red Fern Grows.  It’s a classic heartwarming and heartbreaking story.  She has been through this book multiple times, and loves it even more with each read.  It was the first book that made her cry – opening her up to experience the emotions of the characters like no book had before.  It’s a sweet one.  Bright’s other posts are here and here.

Where the Red Fern Grows by Bright, age 7

This is the great story of a boy with two coon hounds.  He saves up his money, $50 in all!  Then he leaves home and travels to the place to buy the dogs.  He trains them with good hard work.  They become some of the best coon hunters in those parts.  They win awards.

Though I like many parts of the book, the part where he goes to get the dogs is my favorite.

His family lives deep in some mountains.  His life is different from how I live because how they dress and act and because of the time period.

When you read this classic novel you will truly be Where the Red Fern Grows.

This was Peter’s favorite book as a child and he was thrilled when Bright read it for the first time!  What book are you looking forward to seeing your kids read?

intro and pictures by Sunshine, book review and art by Bright