Hold the ice cream, skip the cool whip and bring on the whipped cream!  There’s just nothing like the real thing, baby.

We have always been partial to serving deserts with a huge dollop of real whipped cream, and we’ve always been a believer that the extra trouble that it takes to whip it fresh and keep it chilled is totally worth the effort.  And it is.  Except that we’ve figured out how to skip the chilled mixing bowl and the 5 minutes of whipping and splashing and we’ve totally avoided having to toss out the runny melted cream when too much was whipped and it just doesn’t save.

What’s the secret?  Let me introduce the iSi Cream Whipper.


Now, I realize that this is a total luxury item, but as one who detests ridiculous kitchen gadgets – even I think this one is a keeper.  Fresh whipped cream, with no prep time or dirty dishes and a refrigerator life of several weeks mean that I can always have whipped cream on hand.  No sugar, no artificial ingredients.  For this Southern host, that sounds just about perfect.  I’m calling this a must have.  Brides – put this one at the top of your registry list!

So with fresh raspberries from our garden and some blueberries to boot we are only minutes away from dessert.  Summertime berries and whipped cream.  Perfect.

post and pictures by Sunshine