When we built our house we tried to leave as many trees as possible.  At the very edge of our patio was a very small but perfectly shaped maple.  We can see it straight out our picture window and we have watched as over the years this tree has grown strong and tall.  The children claim it as their “favorite tree.”

We love this tree year round, but it is in the early days of fall that it really puts on a show.  While all the other trees in the yard and surrounding woods are holding tightly to their bright green leaves, this one is a rainbow display of autumn color.  It truly is an amazing tree, such a beautiful reminder of our great Creator!

This tree has perfect timing – the fact that it is the only colorful one in view only increases it’s glory.  Bravo young maple, bravo.

I’ve always been partial to the trees that turn red, what is your favorite fall color?
Tell us, do you have a favorite tree?

post and pictures by Sunshine