Biased, I’m sure, but beagle pups are the cutest puppies we’ve ever seen!  We would like to introduce Puckett Creek’s Lightning, the newest addition to our rabbit hunting pack!  He was born late summer and will be the perfect age to start training on rabbits this coming spring.  It won’t be long until he is ready to join the rest of the pack in the field.  For now, he is enjoying being a puppy and playing with the kids.

Lightning truly is the pick of the litter.  It is interesting how often the kids’ favorite and my pick of the litter are the same.  Lightning was the first to venture out of the dog house, first to eat dog food, and first to go out the kennel door and enter the brush.  He already demonstrates focus, boldness, intelligence and an eagerness to please – all the characteristics I look for in a young pup.

Our kids have a way of naming puppies as soon as they are born.  Sometimes the names stick and sometimes they don’t.  They named this little guy ‘Lightning’ for the white bolt running down his back.  The name has stuck and we think it fits him well as he shows signs of one day being a powerful force in the field!  It won’t be long until we have pictures of the first rabbits bagged in front of this hound!

by Peter, pictures by Sunshine