I have a weak spot for pumpkins.  I love all pumpkins, orange of course, but also the white ones and green ones, the big ones and tiny, the ones that look like apples and the ones with warts, twisty and turny, big and round, but my very favorite is the magical Cinderella variety (below).  Visiting the pumpkin patch and the nursery in the fall is a feast for my eyes and I always want to bring home as many of these beauties as possible.

I justify the out of control pumpkin purchases this way… while they are of course a perishable decoration item, they are probably the only seasonal decoration that you can use for nearly 3 months, from September all the way through Thanksgiving Day, making them actually quite practical compared to Easter eggs and Christmas trees.  Right!?

When the Mr. and I were first dating he picked up on my crazy pumpkin passion and dashingly delivered the largest orangest pumpkin I had ever seen to my door.  I actually have a picture of that very special pumpkin framed.  Yes, pumpkin time is my favorite.

When decorating for fall, do you carve your pumpkins or leave them whole?

post and pictures by Sunshine