Gabrielle Blair, who is the voice of the Design Mom blog, is a mega star.  She is a creative genius, a blogging icon and a fantastic mama to six!  Her blog is my first online stop every morning; I can’t wait to see what great goodie she has in store for each day.

This was a super fun week for us as our home was featured on Design Mom’s Living with Kids series!

For us home is our land and our woods, our family and our house.  The house part is usually a big cluttered mess; it is a battle I fight daily.  It has been encouraging to read the wonderful and gracious words of so many readers who looked at these pictures of my house (all picked up and clean) and loved what they saw.  Because sometimes, I forget to look past the food on the floor and the piles of unfolded laundry.  Our house is full of life and full of love and it’s the very little and very messy people living here that truly make our house a home.

Thank you, Gabrielle, for including us!  It has been a true honor to share this piece of our heart with your readers!  Check out the full post, see all the pictures, read our interview, and get a glimpse into our life ‘Living With Kids!’ right here!

post and pictures by Sunshine