Our little Decker John melts my heart in the sweetest way.  The sweet and tender conflicts with the tough and rowdy side of this boy.  He has a big birthday just around the corner, and something about milestones (like turning 5) make me sentimental and sappy.

We spent an afternoon helping Papa, my dad, wrap up his firewood cutting for the season.  Our little guy brought his tool set and got a some work done while he was waiting to carry the split logs.

Papa had a little nature lesson with the kids and together they counted the rings on this huge fallen oak.  It was decided that the big ole tree was over 120 years old.  Amazing.

On a side note: we considered blurring the logo on Papa’s hat, but we love him too much to do so.  He is a baseball fan through and through and those Yanks have been his team since he was just a lad.

A good day, a good lesson and good work accomplished.  This little lumberjack is sure to grow into a very fine man.

pictures and post by Sunshine