Last week we spent a large part of our school days prepping and planting our garden.  A week of digging and planting and watering.  Lots of fun indeed, but also building lifelong skills, and memories too!  Let’s see, if gardening were an official class I think we could say that character building would be a major component of the syllabus: working hard (even when you are hot and tired), taking turns and sharing tools, overcoming fears (of dirt and weird-looking bugs), developing faithfulness to water and weed, and on and on…. not to mention the obvious science aspect of planting and growing!

This rich soil has been waiting to be turned over in the garden beds and the children absolutely loved shoveling and mixing and raking it into place.

Our fine little gardeners!

This was Chapel’s first year to really get in on the garden scene and she had a grand time!


post by Sunshine, pictures by Peter & Sunshine