Spring is here, which means puppies and chicks and buds on the trees.  New life is everywhere in nature!  Last week we invited over some of our homeschool buddies and we celebrated spring.  No birthdays were celebrated at this party, we threw this bash because of Easter – Jesus is Alive!

Our dear friend Yancy is a fabulous children’s worship artist and it was a treat to have her lead the children in praise.  They sang ‘Hosanna Rocks’ and some of her other awesome Easter songs, while playing kazoos!



Our springtime menu included finger sandwiches, hummus and pretzels (bunny ear style), fruit and veggies, carrot muffins and pretty thumbprint cookies.  Yum!


Stickers and poster board made some pretty cute bunny ears!


The older girls and boys painted wind chimes and mason jar flower vases.


Being the rabbit hunters that we are, we searched for cottontails instead of eggs, and exchanged them for bags of candy!   The little bunny hunters picked up cotton balls that we scattered in the front lawn, but the older children really had to hunt to find their cottontails!


A classic pillowcase race became a competitive bunny hop and we raced over and over until the kiddos were worn out!

The puppies came out for play time too!


The very talented Melissa Loudon, took lots and lots of pictures and our photo set was a blast for all!



What’s a party without a favor?  Each family went home with Yancy’s Everday Happy Day album and The Berenstain Bear’s Easter Story book!

This may become an annual event, I can’t think of anything better to celebrate!  
Rejoice and throw a party – Jesus Is Alive!

pictures by Melissa Loudon, post by Sunshine