Growing up in Louisiana, duck hunting and gumbo were both important parts of my childhood.  This game and this dish have always gone hand in hand – and I think I enjoy them even more today than I did as a kid!
After a couple of dove shoots to warm up, we are now ready for the fast flying Teal and Wood Ducks!  Most southern states have a short duck season in September for early migrating Blue Wing Teal and resident Wood Ducks.  Raven, our hunting buddy’s field champion Labrador, plays a significant role in the success and enjoyment of the hunt.  A well-trained retriever is always welcome in the duck blind!
A successful duck hunt is all the excuse we need to make a batch of savory Duck Gumbo for supper!  We start with a medium roux and add garden fresh okra, onions, bell pepper, celery, red pepper, sausage and of course the duck.   Serve with white rice and thick slice of French bread.
post and pictures by Peter