This turkey feather headdress is sure to have you smiling well past November!

I used a variety of beautiful feathers from a turkey Peter shot earlier in the year and simple twill ribbon for this craft.  This headdress would be wonderful dressed up with beading or lace or sparkly jewels, and imagine if you painted a few of the feathers – oh the possibilities are endless!

Keep reading to get the details…

15-19″ of 1″ nylon webbing
40-60″ of  1″ twill ribbon
assorted feathers
hot glue gun

How To:
Measure and cut nylon webbing leaving it 4 inches short of wrapping around all the way around head.  Using webbing as the base, layout feathers in the desired pattern.  Trim tip of feather shaft so that all feathers line up along bottom of webbing evenly.  Starting with the center feather, carefully glue them to the webbing one at a time.  I found it helpful to put a drop of glue on the webbing, press the feather into it and then put another drop of glue on top to seal it tightly.  Once all feathers are glued to webbing, find the center of the decorative ribbon and glue it to the center feather.  Starting on one side, slowly add glue along the row of feathers and press the top ribbon down into the glue.  Repeat on second side.  Shape the headdress into a circle, tie and trim ribbon ends to desired length.

I would love to know if you make a headdress, link up with pictures of your own creations please!

post and pictures by Sunshine