As you can see, I come from a family of deer hunters.  We enjoy hunting just about everything, but deer hunting is at the top of our list.  With the rut cranking-up as I write, muzzleloader season just starting and rifle season right around the corner, we will all be living in the woods for the next few weeks!

Deer hunting is more than just a sport or hobby for us – it is in our blood, it is part of us.  There are no words to describe what motivates and drives a deer hunter…to climb a tree in the still darkness, wait for the sunlight to arrive and experience the world waking up to a brand new day is truly living for the deer hunter.

Deer hunting is very often a loner sport.  Hours are spent in solitude and patience.  However, comradery is strong among deer hunters as stories of past hunts are told and re-told throughout the years.  These stories are the fuel that fires the interest and passion of the next generation of hunters.  For the deer hunter, skillfully sharing the story of the hunt is a requirement.

Pictured here are my father, his sons, and our sons – reliving a few deer hunts from years past in preparation for the upcoming season.  Stay tuned as new deer stories will be told in the upcoming weeks!

Tell us, are you a first, second or third generation deer hunter?  Do your remember listening to your dad, grand-dad, or uncles telling deer stories?

by Peter, pictures by Sunshine