We’ve been seeing way too many rain clouds this week!  When the sun decided to peak out for a few hours we took full advantage of the opportunity to get outside.  Of course, just kicking the soccer ball in the yard would have been fun, but since we’ve been inside for so many days in a row, we took this to a higher level and called it an ‘Adventure!’

To qualify for the adventure category, you must don your adventure clothing, pack an adventure bag, and do something just a little bit out of the ordinary!  For this simple adventure we played in the woods, walked to the creek and waded around in the freezing cold winter water!

We pulled on our ‘play in the dirt clothes’, our chore boots (read my review here), and our warmest coats and hats.  Nothing dampens an adventure like a little one who is sad and miserable because they are cold.  It’s pointless for mama to worry about who is getting their shoes muddy or staining their pants, so dress for the dirt!

Mom’s Adventure Bag:
Treats (these are very different categories)
Wet Wipes (useful in many, many situations)
Camera, not pictured :)

Kid’s Adventure Bag:
Binoculars (real & homemade)
Camera (pretend or real)
Other very important items, like sticks, will be gathered along the way.

Bags packed?  Let’s go!

Tell me, what is your secret for turning an ordinary outing into an ‘Adventure’ ?

post and pictures by Sunshine