One of the essentials every deer hunter must have is a good skinning knife.  This is my knife of choice, a Buck 192 Vanguard, that I have had for quite a few years.  It has made countless trips to the woods with me and has been used in the field on deer, elk, bear, rabbits, ducks, squirrels and turkeys.  This knife is ideal for skinning, field dressing, quartering large animals and deboning game.  Knives, similar to guns, develop an intrinsic value and personal significance the more experiences you have using it.

This good-looking knife fits perfectly in my hand.  It has a comfortable weightiness that makes it feel substantial and is useful for going through tough cartilage and thick hides.  Yet, it is compact enough to not be cumbersome or awkward, especially when field dressing a deer.  I have been impressed not only with the look and feel of this knife, but also its ability to hold an edge and endure rigorous use.

I have been a fan of Buck Knives ever since I was a boy.  When I was ten years old my father gave me my first knife of significance, a classic lock-blade Buck 110, along with a Buck sharpening stone.  You can imagine  how important I felt to have a “real knife.”  I spent hours trying to perfect using that sharpening stone.  I still have this knife and continue to use it frequently in the field.  Often a big job such as quartering an elk or boning out a deer requires more than one knife, and the Buck 110 is a great second blade!  It also fits comfortably on the belt whenever I need to wear a knife.

I also like Buck Knifes because they are Made in America.  It’s frustrating how much of my hunting gear is made overseas.  It just doesn’t seem right!  Buck Knives are a great investment as the company has a “Forever Warranty” on all their products.  The packaging for Buck Knives always includes a scripture verse…and I love that!

by Peter, pictures by Sunshine