Every single fall my grandmother drove from North Carolina to her childhood home in the Southwest Virginia mountains for apples – enough apples to last through the winter plus enough to share.  For many of those years her family would gather at the old home place and make real apple butter together – the kind that you cook in a kettle over an open fire!  That apple butter is the best I have ever had, delicious and spicy – a labor of love and a family favorite for sure.

This is a simple family favorite.  So simple in fact, I wouldn’t even call this a recipe, but it’s warm, yummy and just about perfect.

Here’s how:
Coarsely chop about 8 apples keeping the peel on, throw in a pot with about 1 cup of water, cover and let them stew on low to medium heat for about 10-15 minutes.

We like a really good sprinkling of cinnamon, no sugar needed.  This version makes for easy eating for little fingers, spoon or fork optional!  However, for a grown up version try slicing instead of chopping your apples.  This one works in the crock pot too, low setting for about 3 hours.

post and pictures by Sunshine